Christian Chacua

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About me

I am a Growth Lab Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Center for International Development - Harvard University (USA).

My fields of interest cover economics of science, geography of innovation, science of science, high-skilled migration and knowledge diffusion.


Research Gate


  • Chacua, C., Lissoni, F., Miguelez, E. (In Preparation). Ethnicity and collaboration in inventor networks.

  • Chacua, C., Freeman, R. (In Preparation). Migration and Changes in Research Interest: A Life Cycle Analysis.

  • Chacua, C., Neffke, F. (In Preparation). The Changing Geography of American Academic Careers Throughout the 20th Century.

  • Coda-Zabetta, M., Chacua, C., Lissoni, F., Miguelez, E., Yin, D., & Raffo, J. (2022). The missing link: international migration in global clusters of innovation. In D. Castellani, A. Perri, V. Scalera, & A. Zanfei (Ed.), Cross-border Innovation in a Changing World. Players, Places and Policies. Oxford University Press. (Preprint). (Book).

  • Miguelez, E., Raffo, J., Chacua, C., Coda-Zabetta, M., Yin, D., Lissoni, F., & Tarasconi, G. (2019). Tied In: The Global Network of Local Innovation. WIPO Economic Research Working Paper, No. 58. (Working paper).